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Recommended places in Tottori

  • A kaiseki meal combining the flavors of the Sea of Japan and Tottori Wagyu beef!

    This is a luxurious and extravagant kaiseki meal made with plenty of ingredients from Tottori Prefecture, a treasure trove of ingredients.
    A collaboration between the flavors of the Sea of Japan and Tottori Wagyu beef!
    6,600 yen per person(Tax included)
     Sand dune shallots, squid marinated in koji, tofu chikuwa
     White squid sashimi, prawns, and tuna sashimi
     Salt-grilled rosy seabass
     Tottori Wagyu Beef Shabu-shabu
     White squid tentacle tempura

    Please make your reservation at least 7 days in advance. We accept reservations for 2 people or more.
    Restaurant Sakura Phone: 0857-27-6300
  • The beer garden has begun!

    The beer garden has started again this year!
    Includes 90 minutes of all-you-can-drink on the outdoor special terrace on the second floor.
    5,500 yen per person(Tax included)

    This year's menu includes grilled beef ribs, grilled squid, steamed clams with spicy garlic, and deep-fried golden chicken.
    There are plenty of dishes that go well with alcohol.
    Highly recommended for family, friends, everyone.

    Reservations must be made 3 days in advance for a minimum of 4 people.
    Restaurant Sakura Phone: 0857-27-6300
  • Start your world trip with sand

    From April 19th
    The French edition of our world trip in sand begins.

    Enjoy the art of sculpture made only from sand and water.

    Tottori Sand Dunes The Sand Museum 

Information on party food

  • Please use it for banquets

    With hearty cuisine
    We will be happy to entertain you.
    Kaiseki Meal,party food,Memorial service,
    It is also popular at alumni gatherings.

Breakfast with over 45 items

  • Breakfast buffet recommended

    The breakfast menu has been renewed.
    It's a very generous buffet.(Over 45 items on the menu)
    Your day begins with breakfast at our hotel.

Tottori City Hotel charm of Tottori City Hotel

  • You can pay with PayPay

    For customers paying on site
    Payments via PayPay will be available from June 1, 2024.
    Please use it.

The concept of Tottori's traditional beauty

  • lobby

    The lobby is made with the concept of Tottori's traditional beauty,
    Traditional artworks made by local artists, decorated with samurai paintings and sand figures.
  • Internet access in all rooms

    Internet is available free of charge in all rooms.
    Wi-Fi is easy for smartphones and tablets, wired LAN for work on computers,
    Comfortable Internet connection is possible according to the application and terminal.
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Supports 100 people

  • Nihonkai no Ma

    ●Can be used for lectures, company briefings, test venues, etc.
    ●Wireless internet access

    【area】194.8㎡ (59.0 tsubo)

    【Capacity】Banquet 120 people / meeting 110 people

    【Usage fee (Conference)】Up to 3 hours 40,000 yen / 1 hour extension 15,000 yen

    【Usage fee (Rental hall)】285,000 yen
  • Shoro no Ma

    ●Can be used for lectures, business talks, interviews, meetings, etc.
    ●Wired internet access

    【area】44.4㎡ (13.5 tsubo)

    【Capacity】20 banquets / 20 conferences

    【Usage fee (Conference)】Up to 3 hours 20,000 yen / 1 hour extension 7,000 yen

    【Usage fee (Rental hall)】120,000 yen
  • Hamanasu-no-ma

    ●It can be used for business talks, interviews and meetings.
    ●Wired internet access

    【area】30.5㎡ (9.2 tsubo)

    【Capacity】Banquet 12 people / meeting 12 people

    【Usage fee (Conference)】Up to 3 hours 12,000 yen / 1 hour extension 5,000 yen

    【Usage fee (Rental hall)】60,000 yen
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Tottori City Hotel


471 Ebisu Town, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture

Telephone number



8 minutes on foot from JR Tottori Station North Exit. From the station to the bridge between the prefectural offices. A quiet location with a restaurant in front
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Large plane parking lot

  • OK 24 hours a day! Adjacent parking lot

    For customers coming by car, a large parking lot with 60 cars is available.
    There is no limit to the time of use, and you can freely take in and out of your car any number of times during your stay.
    This service is very convenient for people who are busy and busy.

    【Usage fee】
    Standard-sized car, ¥ 600 / night
    Large car, 1000 yen to 2000 yen / night
    bike, Free

Free admission fee/free annual fee membership card

  • Membership information

    1. You can stay at the member price.For more information, please contact the front desk or call us.

    2. Points can be accumulated

    3. late check out:You can extend check-out for free until noon.

    Please ask at the time of reservation.
  • Member benefits

    As a benefit for customers who join, we offer one breakfast service or two parking tickets.
    We will give you one of them.
    You will be able to stay at the member price from your next stay.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.